Water Products


No one system does everything.  Often multiple systems need to be installed in order to treat everything.


  • When deciding which products to use, start by finding out what is in the water.
  • Then determine what you wish to remove. For example, some people prefer hard over soft water.
  • Contact Dean Petrich to visit your site and to discuss your options.
  • Choose a system. Each technology will remove specific contaminants. Sometimes several systems must be combined in a certain order.
  • Place your order and schedule an installation date.

Filters for Specific Contaminants


  • Oxygen  Iron, manganese, sulfur, dissolved minerals, bacteria, particulates, chlorine, hardness, arsenic.
  • Ozone    Iron, manganese, sulfur, dissolved minerals, bacteria, particulates, chlorine.
  • Reverse Osmosis   Chemicals, minerals, bacteria, arsenic 3, pharmaceuticals
  • Granular Activated Carbon   Tannin, light minerals, chemicals, residual iron
  • Compressed carbon block   Chemicals, bacteria, particulates
  • Ultra Violet   Sterilizes bacteria & virus
  • Water softener   Calcium, magnesium, hardness
  • pH Stabilizer   Neutralizes pH
  • Arsenic system   Arsenic
  • Tannin resin   Tannin

Not all water on Whidbey Island is the same. Some neighborhoods are lucky and have wonderfully clear water. Other areas have horrible, stinky, thick, brown, bad-tasting water that stains all the house water fixtures. Most of the wells on Whidbey contain iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, and sometimes tannin, nitrates and arsenic. The water is hard and many homes have water with a sulfur smell, which is a by-product of iron. The list above describes the recommended systems that work well for our local water issues on Whidbey Island.