Point-of-Use Systems

Point-of-use systems are filters applied at the point where the water comes out.

Sink Filters: Drinking water filters at the kitchen sink are quite popular and practical. They can be installed with a spigot on the counter while the filter itself is below the counter, or the entire filter unit can rest on the counter top with a tube or hose running to the end of the sink faucet. There are many types of media used for these filters: granular charcoal, ceramics, simple pleated fiber or paper filters, and compressed carbon blocks, to mention the most popular styles.

Shower filters: Shower filters are primarily used for removing chlorine. Chlorine dries out the skin and hair. If swallowed, it is not safe to drink. When taking a hot shower, the gas coming out of the shower head is sometimes 80% chlorine fumes, which are not good for the lungs. Shower filters are easy to install and maintain.

Pre-Filters: Roughing filters, sock filters, cartridge filters are often used as pre-filters and are placed at the point where the water enters the building, or just before the fine filter used at the point of use.

Other point-of-use systems that are more precise include:

  • Small ozone generators. Ozone is very effective for removing minerals and bacteria. Ozone requires electricity, and the ozone pump makes a noise when it is running.
  • Ultra-violet radiation. UV will kill bacteria and virus. The electric UV bulbs need to be replaced periodically, and the pre- and post-filters need to be changed routinely.
  • Reverse osmosis. RO removes chemicals, minerals, bacteria, salt, and more. Because RO slowly squeezes pure water molecules through a membrane, a small storage tank holds the purified water so that it can be used on demand. The filters must be periodically changed.
  • Distillers. Distillers are used on countertops or on their own rolling stands. They must be cleaned routinely, and the filters must be replaced.

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